Hello Fall Trendy Hair Colors?

Hair color trends can be cyclical, and fall 2020 is shaping up to be a prime example of that. With everyone still self-isolating, it’s not about going out of your comfort zone. Rather, it’s about sticking to what’s familiar. “We’re definitely making the switch to darker, richer tones for the fall this year,” says Rwise Designs. “We’ve all grown to accept more of our natural shades this year, so we’ll be sticking to lower-maintenance colors for fall that are a bit closer to our natural shade and easy to maintain.”

Rwise says to think about darker, richer tones: dark reds, chocolatey brown, espresso with warm tones, caramel highlights, and toffee. These colors are warm and cozy, just how fall is intended to be.

Natural hair colors

We’ve also been spending a lot of time with ourselves as we are for the past few months, and as uncomfortable as some of that time may have been, many of us have started to get used to our natural hair textures, our faces without makeup, and our natural hair colors. “A lot of people are starting to see their gray hair. They’re starting to see their natural color coming. And because they’re almost forced to live with that color for a little bit, they have become used to it.

On the other hand, some folks are looking to try out new techniques and aren’t afraid to push the limits. Many colorists who have been solely doing virtual consultations and mixing up at-home kits for months are only too excited to try out some colorful looks on fearless clients

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